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Trust built on professionalism and service

Trust built on professionalism and service

Professional, trusted attorney in Delaware County, PA

Delaware County, Southeastern Pennsylvania - DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you need or might need a Defense Attorney in Southeastern Pennsylvania, before you make any decisions with your case call and speak with me for free at 610-908-9562.

My practice is focused on DUI defense, and I will do everything I can within the law to provide the favorable outcome you need. In addition to DUI, I handle other criminal cases including assault, theft, motor vehicle, and drug related offenses.

With extensive experience with the A.R.D. program for first time offenders, if you speak with me I will explain the program to you and answer any questions or concerns.
When you call me, you will get a free consultation to discuss your particular case and what I can do to help.

If you have been recently charged you may have been ordered to do a bail interview, diagnostic testing, and possibly ordered to appear for fingerprinting. Having legal advice from the start may be beneficial to your case, especially in avoiding monetary bail.

Call me today to discuss the steps you need to take.

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